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Finding your feet .... ( in a creative kind of way)

Finding your feet. It's not easy. Sometimes it takes time. sometimes it doesn't happen as quickly as you would like it too, and sometimes there's a whole lot of 'stuff' that you have to wade through before you finally hit the start button. But one thing is for certain, you should start.
O.k, before I go any further I would like to say that I am really only speaking for myself, but in writing this blog I hope to talk about how I have navigated my creative career so far and what I still have to learn. I also hope that maybe some of you may even relate to some of the topics I want to talk about. But first, lets get back to finding our feet. In our busy world where everyone seems so clued up and on the ball, it might be difficult to be the one who hasn't got the foggiest idea of what they're doing. This was me big -time! Especially in the last four years.  If ever anyone asked me what I was doing it would change on a regular basis,but  the one thing I was doin…

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